We’re Master Stone Masons

Steve Wall began his apprenticeship at age 15.  Now 27 years later he and his team are well respected and sought after for their unique one of a kind stone work. Their passion for stone work has inspired a “never stop learning“ mentality. Since the golden years of stone masonry are in the past, We spend Countless hours researching methods and styles from centuries past and consider it an honour to follow as closely as possible in the footsteps of the master stone craftsmen from times gone by.

We find ourselves most inspired by architecture found in Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, between 1200-1900. The charm that one feels as they walk through the Cotswald region or stop in to a basement pub in a small town in Scotland is largely inspired by the simple use of stone.  We enjoy finding ways to incorporate these styles into new construction and are renowned for making new builds look as if they are from that time period.


“When we build, let us think that we build forever. Let it not be for present delight nor for present use alone. Let it be such work as our descendants will thank us for; and let us think, as we lay stone on stone, that a time is to come when those stones will be held sacred because our hands have touched them, and that men will say, as they look upon thee labor and wrought substance of them, “See! This our father did for us.”

– John Ruskin


Interior/Exterior Stone Work

We specialize in natural stone installation. We will create a custom blend just for you. Although primarily stone work these days is found on the exterior we can help you incorporate it into the interior for a stunning feature wall, wine cellar, or period piece room. We also build outdoor fireplaces, pizza ovens, and other stone landscape features. On certain projects we can use stone from your own property if it is available, our team is highly skilled at hand splitting fieldstone to utilize on your custom project. When we are finished you will truly have a piece of art to cherish for years to come.

Drystone Walls

Adored for their simple elegance and ability to outlast stone work stone walls have been around for millennia. We offer dry stone walls and landscape features using the traditional techniques from the masters. Often we can use stone from our clients property to build these walls if there is adequate supply.

Masonry Fireplaces

We specialize in the Construction of traditional masonry fireplaces. Our preferred fireplace to build is the rumford.com which are known for their excellent draw and output of heat. They are elegantly shaped and have been widely used for hundreds of years. Although Rumford’s are our preferred fireplace to build We can custom build masonry fireplaces of any size to suit your needs. These fireplaces do require reinforced concrete bases so need to be planned early in your build. They are constructed using masonry block not wood framing so these fireplaces will outlast the house itself. Come see one in action at our showroom.

Design Services

We employ our extensive knowledge of stone and its uses over the centuries to help incorporate it into your build. Our speciality is old world design, our showroom was built to replicate a centuries old English cottage and demonstrates how we incorporate the use of reclaimed wood, steel, plaster, to create unique interiors/exteriors reminiscent of old European architecture. Come for a visit and let us help with your design plan.


``The first time I saw the building I got out of my vehicle and walked the last half mile to take it in. It actually made me cry. It is such a lovely building and for the first time in my life; something I asked for was perfectly crafted. The attention to detail, hand chiselled and crafted elements, the old rope knots at the foundation, the mortar and perfectly imperfect aged appearance makes it impossible to know it is a new build. Steve is unique among masons and is going to walk beside us as we try to build a homestead and something that truly matters. I could not recommend a craftsman or artisan more highly.``

B Admiring Client

``Steve and his staff did an extremely good job at our house. Exterior natural stone and interior/exterior fireplaces were completed with amazing attention to detail. Steve was excellent at steering me in the right direction with what I had envisioned for our home. His intuitive approach to his craft is refreshing.``

Todd Gouett Admiring Client

``We are very pleased with Steve and his employees. He took the time to listen to our wishes. The job site was always clean at the end of the day. The six foot Rumford fireplace that he built burns beautifully. We recommend him highly and we would use him again in the future.``

Michael & Joseph Admiring Clients

``I would like to thank you for the outstanding stonework you did on our house. I watched and admired you while working through the project, which is quite unique. We have had people stop and want to take pictures of the work. I gather that using only a little mortar with the stones close together is not frequently done now, but the end product is wonderful. You truly are a creative artist in your profession, and very reliable.``

Elizabeth & Ron Kimber Admiring Clients

``Steve's Masonry has worked for me on our two most recent custom home projects. It was a delight to have such a dedicated and skilled Trade to rely on for their quality workmanship and for completing their work on schedule. Most importantly, Steve takes the time to meet and discuss the client's wishes from the start of the project to ensure its successful conclusion. Looking forward to working together again in the future.``

Peter Schlegel Peter Schlegel Construction Limited

``I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Wall on several large projects over the last few years. I first discovered his craft and artistry when visiting a golf clubhouse near Collingwood and was impressed with his workmanship and attention to detail. Most impressive was the pride he took in his work. As interior and architectural design consultants we are always looking for creative solutions. Steve always brought new ideas to the table and interpreted our visions to meet client expectations. I highly recommend Steve as a master stone mason and look forward to future collaborations.``

Jo Redman Redman & Watson Inc. Interior Design Consultants

``Steve's Masonry did an amazing job completing the masonry work in forming a structured outdoor living space for our client. Steve did the original work on the architectural walls of the home and was required to blend them in seamlessly into new walls being proposed in the landscape plan. Steve made sure that he could perform his work so as to be most helpful with other trades on site. He was extremely accommodating. The workmanship of the walls that Steve and his staff built is top notch. Steve Wall Masonry was very dependable both before and during the project with providing pricing and executing the final product. I highly recommend them for any masonry project.``

Rob Vogel Vogel Landscape Design & Consulting Group Ltd.

``Steve's Masonry have completed the stonework on several custom homes at Georgian Bay Estates and we have been very happy with the quality of their work. Steve Wall and his crew are excellent masons and get the job done on time. We would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone looking for quality masons.``

Paul Colangelo, Larry Dunn Georgian Bay Estates Ltd. Collingwood Ontario

``We are a general contractor in Guelph Ontario who secured a job for one of our clients of 20 years to build them a custom home in Collingwood. Not being from the area, it was quite a challenge to find contractors we were comfortable using because we didn’t know any of them. After receiving several great referrals form other trades I decided to award Steve’s Masonry the contract. That was the best decision I made. They were on time, on schedule and very accommodating to our needs. Their workmanship is like nothing I have ever seen since being in the business. Truly a work of art! Judging by all the compliments I have received for the stone work on the house, Steve has left me with no other option but to call him again on any and all future projects, I would not look elsewhere and recommend you do the same.``

Bruno Marziano Ramar Contractors Inc. / Jaral Holdings Inc.

``OslerBrook Golf and Country Club had the pleasure to work with Steve's Masonry during the construction of the OslerBrook Clubhouse and Front Entrance Gates. The work completed by Steve's Masonry was of the best quality and finish and has been complemented on ever since. Steve has an outstanding work ethic, organizational skills, listening skills (needs of the client) as well as an artistic sense that comes with a great stone mason. I would recommend Steve's Masonry without hesitation.``

Jason S. Honeyball, Course Superintendent & Environmental Manager OslerBrook Golf and Country Club

``I had the privilege of watching Steve and his crew over a period of several days while building the wonderful feature limestone walls in our new family retreat on Georgian Bay. I came to appreciate that for Steve stonemasonry is a true art form he passionately loves. His eye is quick and accurate, knowing at a glance which stone will be the next one to fit perfectly along the course. A bit of a chisel here and a nudge there, the right amount of grout and the stone was in place. Steve patiently taught his craft to the most experienced and capable of his labourers and kept his crew working with purpose and efficiency while also enjoying the work and each others' company. A cold beer and a dip into the cooling waters of the bay often finished a day of hard work and accomplishment. Steve and his crew worked together with other trades and the builder with mutual respect and consideration. We lit a fire in the indoor fireplace for the first time this weekend. The fire was spectacular. The air supply and draw provide for a perfect burn. We've never had as lovely a fire - picture perfect.``

Emily Burgetz Georgian Bay