What Is Stonemasonry?

Stonemasonry is one of the earliest trades in civilization's history. A stone mason is a master craftsman who shapes rough pieces of rock into accurate geometrical shapes, from simple to considerable complexity, and then arranges the resulting stones, often together with mortar, to form structures. Because of their extensive background in all aspects of masonry, Steves Masonry can handle any project with expertise.

Stephen enjoys and prefers to be involved right from the earliest stages of all projects so he can aid in the selection and design process.  With his knowledge of stone and quarries around the world he can create a custom blend reflecting your personal taste and budget.

When it comes to fireplaces Stephen takes into account the desires of the client then uses his artistic vision to produce a masterpiece which will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Our Specialties

Steve's Masonry specializes in custom stone work for builders, home owners and commercial corporations such as golf and country clubs in the construction of:
  • houses (indoor & outdoor structural & decorative walls)
  • commercial construction
  • fireplaces (both indoor & outdoor)
  • entrance gates
  • steps & entrance ways
  • pools & patios

Materials We Work With

  • igneous (granite, bassalt)
  • metamorphic (marble, slate)
  • sedimentary (limestone, sandstone)
  • brick
  • block
  • cultured stone

Product Suppliers

Steve's Masonry is proud to use premium products from the following respected companies.

Rumford Fireplaces

These tall, shallow and solidly respected fireplace designs have been in use since 1796 and feature the following benefits:
  • reflect more heat
  • eliminate turbulance due to their stream-lined throats
  • carry away smoke with little loss of heated room air
Please visit the Rumford Fireplace Website for more information about these elegant and efficient fireplaces.
Also see one of Steve's Fireplaces featured on the Rumford site.